Annual Maintenance Service


We are highly specialized and prompt in this area to help our clients in reducing their downtime. We understand the losses caused due to breakdowns. We place a high priority & committed in providing a proactive service to our valuable clients on prompt breakdown attendance in the event of any plant failure The Service Department is responsible for Routine Preventative Maintenance, Breakdown Response and Repairs. We have competent field Engineers and Technicians headed by Service Head to carry out this Maintenance Work. We have right sets of tools to handle most of the equipments maintenance.

We undertake comprehensive, Non-Comprehensive & On-call maintenance services for our valued customers. We have right approach & focus on reducing unnecessary breakdowns and minimizing plant down-time, primarily through the implementation of an excellent preventative maintenance programs.

We also offer a genuine 24-hour emergency breakdown service, covering every day of the year. We also have a special arrangement with major suppliers whereby we can have 24 hour access to spare parts if urgently required.

Annual Maintenance Contract of HVAC system  (With Material & Without Material)



  • Four Routine services in a year.
  • To maintain air conditioning system throughout the year
  • To visit & check the machine every month/quarterly
  • To check/ replace/ rectify all electrical control related to air conditioning system
  • Our engineer/ technician will timely notify for the work to be taken up for maintenance of the machine to facilitate requisite shut down period.
  • All spare parts/ consumable item like fuses, refrigerant, compressor oil, bearings, controls, contacts, switches etc. will be supplied by us with material annual maintenance service.
  • To attend all complaints.
  • To keep spare parts inventory required for smooth functioning of HVAC system with material annual maintenance service.
  • Critical spares inventory to be maintained in Hyderabad.


  • To maintain Chillers through out the year
  • To check the proper operation of expansion valves every year and set the same.
  • To carry the proper functioning of microprocessor and take the control test.
  • To check / calibrate the proper functioning of flow switch.
  • To check the antifreeze and setting of the same every quarterly.

To check LP / HP cut out switches & to replace the same if found defective

  • To check the filter drier core and changing of the same if found necessary.
  • Rewinding of the fan motor and compressor motor.
  • To check the leakages of refrigerant from the chilling units and rectify/ repair the same.
  • To change compressor oil and oil filters as per requirement.
  • To descale the condenser of machine as per requirement or maximum two times in a year.
  • Checking of sensors, control valves, control’s equipment & cleaning of strainers.
  • To calibrate control instruments – Transducers, sensors & motor current, if possible.


  • To maintain the pumps connecting to the system as per requirement.
  • To replace damaged gland packing with new one as per the requirement at site.
  • To replace bearing of Pumps and Motors if necessary.
  • To clean the Strainer as and when required.


  • To clean the filters of Air Handling Unit every month or as and when required.
  • To check the belt tension & replace the same, if necessary.
  • To check and rectify blower pulley and motor pulley alignment as required at site.
  • To lubricate motor and blower shaft’s bearings from time to time.
  • To replace defective bearings of blower or motor.
  • To replace/ repair defective control equipment such as thermometers, modulating motors, pressure gauges, valves etc.
  • To clean the drain line every quarterly.
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